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Childhood Cancer is on the increase but what is the cause? UK Scientists say “germ-free” life is to blame

Results obtained from recently released scientific report indicate the correlation between overly sterile, germ-free environments, mainly within the first year of a newborns life, and the prevalence of childhood leukaemia (cancer) is clearly evident

There are several take-away items from this article but there are also a few queries one may have in assessing the findings.

Genetic predisposition being the overwhelming determining factor is somewhat glazed over in the article as it only briefly mentioned. However contradictory of the author’s intent on dramatizing the overall content of the article, the basis of the research should be that ‘germ-free’ existence is somewhat secondary to hereditary transfer. But, if the article was to clearly outline that, the hype over germ-free environment is dramatically lessened.

The scariest outcome of this report is not that childhood cancer is distinctly on the rise but it is in fact that the absence of microbial matter from the result of ‘over sterile’ existence is the underlying cause of 1 in 2000 instances of childhood cancer.


In reflection of the article and whilst also considering the curve indicated in the above Australian Government’s graph, what are more likely the causes of the increase in childhood cancer over the past 20 years especially?

Perhaps the overall exposure to the increased use of fertilisers in our foods is having some form of genetic affect? Or is it that the ever-expanding marketing ploys of ‘big pharma’ to profit from exposing the general public to annual ‘superbugs’ and antibiotic resistive diseases are finally leaving their mark?

The only thing that is truly a “paradox that goes against social progress” is the increase of cancer despite us becoming more aware of the environmental factors that reach far beyond the apparent cleanliness of ones child. Perhaps it is the multitude of ‘latent’ diseases delivered, suspended in overdoses of synthetic sugars, to newborns and children without testing for carcinogenetic reactivity that would be more likely be the cause of the prevalence and growing trend of Cancer in Children.