Assault & Theft of Genetic Material at Ballarat Base Hospital | Medical Law

Staff at Ballarat’s Base Hospital have stolen genetic material from the birth of a child and also injected the mother with a syringe full of material without notification.

When birthing our third child at the hospital just over three months ago, my wife Tasha and I were shocked at the occurrences which indicated clear a lack of consultation and intent on carrying out any type of procedure without consent.

Our son was born on the 2nd May, 2018. True to form with our other births, Tasha delivered within 15 minutes of arrival to the maternity ward at Ballarat’s Base Hospital. Apparently a very experienced midwife was on duty that afternoon in the form of Ms. Marg Leishman, however, we were to find out that the birth, and what occurred thereafter, with unprofessional, unethical and seemingly illegal activity carried out by the staff who exhibited a clear disregard for standard medical procedure.


Ms. Leishman, midwife of 20 years, illegally obtains genetic material stating that it was for the purpose of “perfecting their craft”

To be sure, consent, and the legalities surrounding both the collection of pathology samples and the administration of medicine by a medical professional are set out in numerous medical doctrine with clearly defined protocol — see$File/consent.pdf

When admitting patients, Hospitals will generally obtain consent for procedures which are required and will also indicate waivers and any other legal requirements that the hospital legal department deems as necessary. Tasha and I had completed the hospitals’ admission form together when visiting the Birthing Centre; attached to the Base Hospital, several weeks prior.

When completing the form, we had noticed some onerous terms of admission and had then, in response, taken the opportunity to add our own consent-orientated clause stating that “any medical procedure must be verified by the both of us”. If we hadn’t had included this, the hospital staff would have had legal right to move, treat and medicate as they saw fit — without further consent required.

However, this didn’t seem to be passed on to the medical staff in the maternity ward.

Irrespective of our wishes to be consulted prior or consent being allocated, Ms. Leishman, who’d delivered our boy without any doctor being present, only with the assistance of a student nurse, removed blood from the umbilical cord after birth and then asked the student to sign for the pathology collection. When the student responded in turn,”Am I able to sign for this?” Ms. Leishman then proceeded to say  that “it didn’t matter”.

I was in shock. With Tasha still recovering, after seeing two test tube being filled with blood and then placed into a paper coffee cup, and the look of bloodlust of Ms.Leishman once she’d noticed the blood drop onto her hand, I questioned “what were the samples for?“. Ms. Leishmans’ response was “it is to perfect our craft“.

Despite my objections, the blood was still taken from the room in a paper coffee cup.

Tasha had later informed me that Marg Leishman had also jabbed a syringe of an undisclosed material into her thigh without notification or explanation.

These pathology samples were taken prior to Tasha being admitted, and the time of birth was delayed to an hour later than we had arrived.

This was by far the worst hospital birth that we had experienced.

For any other expecting parents, please be vigilant when completing admission forms.

This article is for intended to forewarn other parties and only portrays our experience with these terrible people who are supposed to be professionals.