Operation ReCapture: Clear the Air Smog Removal System

Atmospheric ReCapture Project: Smog Removal System

Smog is a deadly and highly carcinogenic form of Air Pollution, caused by our increased use of fossil-fuel dependant modern technology. Every major city in the world is affected by it. As the population continues to grow, so will the presence, and subsequent effects of Air Pollution. The ReCapture Project will solve airborne pollution with minimal effort.


An Active Carbon Filter or Active Charcoal Filter shown here used in conjunction with aerosol and dust filter will be used to clean smog from the air.

By utilising Blimp/ Zeppelin aircraft retrofitted with under-mounted centrifugal fans and the Active Charcoal filter as shown above (or similar), the Smog Removal Vehicles (SRV) will be effective in removing smog from populated areas on a daily basis. Multiple passes by several vehicles, continuing over the morning and afternoon traffic peak hours will mitigate Carbon & Nitrogen-based Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) emitted from fossil-fuel dependent commuter transport vehicles.


With both mobile (flying) and static SRS units in action, the smog that envelops major cities will be reduced. Image courtesy of LA Times

By utilizing active charcoal filters inserted into centrifugal fans which are under-mounted and securely attached to blimps, placed on top of high-rise structures and/or retrofitted to Jet Aircraft, these filters will effectively ‘mow down’ Volatile Organic Compounds, comprised of Carbon and Nitrogen-based molecules, that float and linger around our cities and developed towns.

For more information, please contact (via article) Bryan Stralow of Operation ReCapture on the following Linkedin hyperlink here

Alternatively, cut and paste the follwing; https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/atmospheric-recapture-project-clearing-air-bryan-stralow/?published=t

Operation ReCapture: Smog Removal System .pdf

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