Operation ReCapture: Cleaning Up the Ocean Plastic

As an integral part of the Operation ReCapture, we will be looking to clean up the ocean plastic, often found in spiraling ‘Gyres’ which are propelled by the oceans currents and winds, by utilizing the “Skimmer Box” Polymer ReCapture Rig.

The Skimmer Box rig, similar to an oil drill rig, will be countered by ballast weights which will hold the System in position. The Ocean Skimmer Box system, otherwise known as the OSB System, will collect the micro-plastic laden seawater, whilst repelling marine life by way of a Specialized Submerged Deterrence (SSD) System.

Once inside the OSB System, the seawater will be subjected to a heating process known as Cyclic Evaporation. This cycle will then repeat the evaporative processes, capturing the condensed byproduct– all salt, and the polymers attached– until complete separation has occurred.


Micro-plastics shown scattered through a small amount of seawater

With the plastic-burdened salts being removed by tanker and sent to shore for reuse, the remaining purified water can either be captured and also transported or “re-salinated” and placed back into the marine environment.

Ocean Cleaning Budget

Current spending estimates per year, on just cleaning ocean fronts, are in the vicinity of over 20 billion dollars (US). This is based on several earlier articles by Cambridge and other schools indicating budgetary constraints used for cleaning up beachfront plastic alone. The above rig would be able to be manufactured for somewhere around US$500m. Therefore, if all countries spent the same amount as what they do now on manufactering the OSB systems, we could manufacture 40 of this units in one year and be removing approximately 40000 tonne of plastic per day.

This equates to 15,000,000 tonne of plastic removed from our oceans every year.

Now consider, if we built 20 per year over 5 years, 100 ReCapture OSB Systems removing 100,000 tonne of plastic per day equates to 37,500,000 tonne of plastic every year (after 5 years).

So, spending the same amount of money as what we currently do now, half on cleaning up the ocean front and half on manufacturing OSB systems, would ReCapture 37,500,000 tonne of ocean plastic annually (after the 5 year point reached).

Considering that annual ‘ongoing’ ocean plastic pollution contributes some where in the vicinity of 8,000,000 tonne per year (guardian), and that it is on the increase, we can still remove more than what is going in with the current budget merely redirected.

Plus, the OSB systems can be retrofitted to permanently house renewable energy tech whilst remaining to clean up residual plastics into the future.


Operation ReCapture Ocean Polymer Harvesting

For futher details, contact Bryan Stralow of Operation ReCapture via the linkedin hyperlink here

The link can also be cut and paste from here https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/operation-recapture-polymer-harvesting-project-bryan-stralow/?published=t

operation-recapture-ocean-plastic-removal .pdf

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